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The traditional metal braces, which you may think of when you hear about braces, are not the only type available. One version we offer is ceramic braces. These may be the alternative you are looking for if the idea of metal braces does not appeal to you.

These two types of braces can perform the same work. They can arrange your teeth with a continuous but gentle pressure until they align with each other more perfectly. However, some people may not find the metal braces very pleasing to look at, which is where ceramic braces can help.

The brackets are made with a ceramic composite, which can be colored like your teeth. This quality can help them stand out less on your smile and look more aesthetically pleasing than the metal varieties.

Ceramic braces can be useful for many people, though there may be some instances where they are not best fit. If so, our orthodontist, Dr. James B. Macomson, can tell you if they are suitable match, and he can help you find the treatment that can better accommodate your situation if the ceramics are not compatible.

If you would like to try our ceramic braces, we are more than happy to provide them for you here at our office in Gastonia, North Carolina. To set up a visit with us, you are welcome to call 704-215-4430. We look forward to helping you bring out your best smile!