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The end of wearing your braces will mark the unveiling of your new smile, and will no doubt be a very exciting time for you. However, remember that braces aren’t the final stage of your orthodontic treatment. A retention period comes after wearing braces, and you can learn more about orthodontic retainers from the information provided by Dr. James B. Macomson and our team today.

Braces are responsible for aligning your smile over a period of several months or years, but once this new position is achieved, the teeth need to be held in place by a retainer while they settle in the jaw. Every patient’s timeline for wearing a retainer varies from several months to a lifetime, and our orthodontist will determine how much time is needed with your retainer.

Fixed and removable are the two main types of retainers, with a fixed retainer becoming cemented behind the teeth for a permanent wear. Fixed retainers can be cleaned during your routine oral care routine, though floss tools such as water flosser or floss threader may be more efficient at fully cleaning the appliance than floss string. Removable retainers can be gently scrubbed in a solution of water and vinegar, and should never be cleaned with regular toothpaste, which is too abrasive for the appliance material.

Make sure you always place your retainer its case when not worn and carry the case wherever you go so that your retainer is safe when it’s placed in your purse, backpack or pocket and not at risk of being lost. Replacing a retainer can be expensive.

We invite you to contact James B. Macomson, DDS, MSO, PA at 704-215-4430 today and schedule a time to speak with our orthodontist if you would like to learn more about our orthodontic retainers in Gastonia, North Carolina.