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As your child’s primary teeth are gradually replaced by their permanent teeth, the new teeth can sometimes emerge too close together. When teeth are overcrowded, it can lead to a host of issues. This could come in the form of chips, fractures and increased oral hygiene problems.

One of the best ways to treat these problems and prevent complications is for your orthodontist, Dr. James B. Macomson, to install braces onto your child’s teeth. Standard metal braces are the most common style of braces. Through the course of regular adjustment appointments, progressive tension is applied to each tooth. This stretches the periodontal ligaments that are anchoring the teeth in their sockets to move them one step closer to a healthier alignment.

In some extreme cases, one or two teeth might need to be extracted to free up sufficient space to realign the other teeth. In a situation like this, your orthodontist will provide you with the necessary aftercare instructions to ensure your child has a speedy recovery.

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