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The importance of braces for your orthodontic health are often misunderstood. Although braces can improve your self-esteem and self-image when used to straighten teeth, there are plenty of benefits to be gained beyond a nicer smile.

People often think that braces are simply used to correct misalignment issues in your mouth for aesthetic benefits, but they can also offer the following:

— Straighter teeth are much easier to clean, resulting in healthier teeth and gums with less risk for plaque buildup when practicing an oral hygiene routine with brushing and flossing.

— A smile straightened with braces is much more effective and functional in its significant tasks including eating and speaking.

— Malocclusions, also known as bad bites, can lead to TMJ disorders if they are not appropriately treated with orthodontic treatments such as braces.

— Braces can help alleviate stress put on teeth and make them less predisposed to grinding and wear, often as the result of bruxism.

— Braces can reduce the risk of teeth being fractured due to misalignments or stress, and make them less prone to injury.

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