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The holidays can be difficult for orthodontics patients, as there are a lot of things you need to  avoid eating. It’s tempting to bend (or even break) the rules set forward by your orthodontist, but even holiday treats are NOT worth the damage to your brackets and wires. Broken braces are not a good addition to a holiday gathering! To avoid this, be aware of the foods you are supposed to avoid.

Pecan Pie: Unfortunately, everything about pecan pie is a bad idea for your brackets and wires. Thick, sticky caramel, nut pieces, starchy crust–all of these things can get caught in or even break your braces. Stick with fruit, custard, or cream pies for the season.

Caramels: Caramel of any kind is bad for braces. It is sticky, and gets stuck between wires and teeth. It is hard to clean, and can even damage brackets! Try some soft chocolate dishes instead.

Nuts and nut pieces: Avoid nut pieces while you have orthodontia. Nuts can damage your braces and can get stuck in between your teeth. Nut extracts can be a good substitute in cakes and cookies, to get the nutty flavor without the damage to your braces.

Whole apples: Whole apples are dangerous for braces. Instead, try thinly sliced apples for a fun treat without the bracket damage.

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