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Your child’s oral structure can change rapidly at times, which can sometimes lead to two or more permanent teeth emerging with a significant gap between them. In some of these cases the spacing may change as their mouth continues to develop. Yet there are also other times when the space between the teeth leads to more significant alignment issues.

This condition, which is known as diastema, often needs professional intervention to prevent future complications. After a basic examination, our orthodontist might recommend installing a complete or abbreviated form of traditional braces.

Once the brackets, wires and other components have been installed in their mouth, you will need to bring your child to see Dr. James B. Macomson for periodic adjustments. Consistent timing is often an important factor in the process. If you are aware of a scheduling conflict, you will need to set up an alternative time.

These appointments are designed to apply a mild amount of tension to the components which helps hold the gapped teeth in position. Our orthodontist will also monitor any changes in their dentition while they grow. As their mouth continues to develop the adjustments might be needed to gradually alter their position as your child’s teeth.

If you live in the Gastonia, North Carolina, area and your son or daughter has a significant gap between two or more of their teeth, you should consider calling 704-215-4430 to set up an appointment at James B. Macomson, DDS, MSO, PA.